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Current and Future Potential

In India in the year 2018-19 demand for Aluminium Ingot was 3.3 million, and is projected to increase to 6.21 million tons by 2024-25.
In view of the above the market potential for Aluminium castings is good and also expected to be bright in the future.
Ingots of various dimensions, weights, shapes with maximum purity of 98.5 % are Manufactured.
The ingots are sent to other process or flattened into thin sheets, which are then used to make new cans.
Aluminium ingots are remelted and further processed into a larger number of products for various downstream applications GDC, LPDC HPDC, Rolling, Extrusion etc.
Aluminium ingots can be used in different sectors, including automotive, household appliances, lighting, construction, mechanics and household goods.
Likewise, the use of the metal is increasing in the auto sector due to Electrification technology.
Hence is a future metal.

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